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Prior to proceeding with an equity release interest servicing plan, any proposed lender would need to evidence the fact that equity release advice has been received from an authorised financial adviser to provide equity release & interest only lifetime mortgage advice. Regulation of the equity release market has been built upon a compliant checklist of factors which has rekindled popularity & confidence within this vulnerable sector of society.

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Why Equity Release Advice is so Important

Knowing where to turn for in-retirement financial advice can be frustrating given the importance of this period of your life. Afterall, the decisions made in retirement are usually final & if made incorrectly do not have much time to rectify. Therefore, gathering all relevant information & in time getting the best financial advice is paramount.

This is where InterestOnlyLifetimeMortgages Find an Adviser service works wonderfully. Rather than having to trawl the internet searching for the right equity release adviser & not knowing their full credential, you can let us do the work for you.

In providing independent equity release advice you will meet the requirements of all lifetime mortgage & home reversion companies who insist on all applicants having received equity release advice beforehand. This is to ensure the industry’s image of providing fair & equitable products is maintained after a long time in improving its own industry image.

Mandatory Requirements For Adviser Selection

Any adviser we put forward will have met the stringent criteria the industry lays down. This will be a minimum of membership of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and additional part of the Equity Release Council (aka SHIP) which lays down the minimum standards for equity release advice. To be qualified all ‘Find an Adviser’ consultants put forth will have gained their lifetime mortgage & home reversion examinations.

This is important given that the Equity Release Council (ERC) is the trade body covering this industry & has a code of conduct which all members & lenders must follow to maintain membership. The aim of this code is to lay the foundations of confidence to consumers in knowing that you are in safe hands & the best equity release advice will be provided.

For membership & qualification of the ERC all its plans must include the following to qualify: –

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